Brass 003 Padlocks

FFS-003B (30mm)
FFS-003-40 (40mm)

FFS-003B-LS (Long Shank Padlock)

  • Repipe 003 Padlocks are all Brass Shackle & Body With Stainless Steel Internal Suitable for All External Conditions.
  • Red Coated – Enlarged Shackle to Suit Large Hole Locking Handle
  • ALL Come With 003 Key to Comply With the Australian Fire Brigade Standards

pdf-icon  Specification Sheets

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Brass 003 Padlock Specifications



FFS-003 30mm 003 Brass Padlock with Red Coat
FFS-003B 30mm 003 Brass Padlock
FFS-003-40 45mm 003 Brass Padlock