Steel Double Ended Pipe Droppers

DROP-(size BSP)-(size BSP)-(Length mm)

  • 25mm Diameter Medium Pipe
  • To Suit 10mm, 15mm & 20mm Sprinkler Heads
  • Finish: Red Oxide (Standard)
  • Galvanised and Stainless Steel Finish Also Available
  • Other Sizes Are Available On Request

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Steel Double Ended Pipe Dropper Dimensions

DROP-10-25-1200 10nb X 25nb X 1200mm D/Ended Dropper
DROP-10-25-1800 10nb X 25nb X 1800mm D/Ended Dropper
DROP-15-25-600 15nb x 25nb x  600mm D/Ended Dropper
DROP-15-25-900 15nb x 25nb x  900mm D/Ended Dropper
DROP-15-25-1200 15nb x 25nb x 1200mm D/Ended Dropper
DROP-15-25-1500 15nb x 25nb x 1500mm D/Ended Dropper
DROP-15-25-1800 15nb X 25nb X 1800mm D/Ended Dropper
DROP-15-25-2000 15nb x 25nb x 2000mm D/Ended Dropper